Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Captain Midnight & the Secret Squadron

This little blog will be a bit link heavy. Much of it got it's start from a posting to one of my favorite online hangouts and I ended up with some neat stuff that I wanted to share.

Anywho, the following little song on Youtube was posted which I found enjoyable and funny. Hot Girl in the Comic Shop

I've been to a few comic stores that actually had the audacity to have women employees. In the context of the song, I wondered if that helped bring in customers or maybe it made some of the geekier fans a little uncomfortable. Then, I got to wondering, what if you combined the concept of Hooters/Flying Saucer with the comic shop, having the employees dressing up in a short shorts and too-small tees. It prompted me to use a little artistic license of what one of those potential employees would look like.

Now looking for Captain Midnight artwork to make use of, I came across another really cool site, devoted to Captain Midnight and his radio adventures! Meanwhile, Moonstone is in the process of releasing new adventures of Captain Midnight in both prose and comic stories, having him join the ranks of the Phantom, Kolchak, Captain Action and others. The artwork there looks like the stories will be in the present day with futuristic aircraft blasting across the pages. And, he'll be a bit more in line with his radio/movie serial persona and not the Fawcett version with the gliding superhero costume. Ought to be interesting.


Doctor Zen said...

There was a comic shop in Arkansas where the employees were hot girls, usually wore shorts (not uniforms tho), and usually sat behind the counter with their legs up on the counter. And, they KNEW COMICS Could talk about who wrote and drew current titles, etc. That store got a LOT of business.

cash_gorman said...

Doesn't surprise me. All my best ideas turn out to have been done before.