Monday, August 15, 2011

Aquaman already sinking

I was actually looking forward to the Aquaman book. Not crazy about the trident, mind you. Afraid it will be like Bucky and guns. What good is a weapon if he's not going to use it and often? I should listen to my inner voice more often, as this cover for issue 3 shows.

And, my interest just dropped, seeing Aquaman spearing a foe through the chest with blood spurting out in both directions, and on the cover no less. The cover could be just as interesting and far more all-ages appropriate with him just fighting them off with his fists, without the gratuitous depiction of lethal violence BY THE HERO! And, if you don't know what Mera's powers are, you'd have no clue what she's doing in that pic as she doesn't seem to be interacting with that arc of water at all which is taking out a foe she's not even looking at.

Welcome to the new DC, same as the old DC. Bleh. 

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Chuck Wells said...

Yeah, it's disheartening isn't it? I'm getting out while the gettings good, too.

Aquaman didn't resort to this kind of tactic when his infant son was killed, and the heroic character that Aquaman used to be deserves better than this. It is a great cover, but Conan the Barbarian he ain't.

DiDio, Johns & Lee will have to go before I visit the halls of DC again, but there are plenty of back issues laying around in the Catacombs to tide me over.