Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Funky's Action Comics

 Been enjoying Prince Valiant quite a bit. Tom Yeats is currently the artist. He did some artwork for DC back in the 1980s, but is largely forgotten today sadly. I think principally because he was the artist on Swamp Thing before Alan Moore took over. Pretty much everything from that run is forgotten despite there some being good stories there. I've always liked his work though and he's a good fit here. But, dang me, if that doesn't look a bit like Green Arrow in the back there?

Same day, and in my paper the same page, had this piece of Funky Winkerbean by Tom Batiuk. Admittedly, I've not enjoyed the strip as much since Lisa's death and the jump forward in time. Although, it's interesting in that it has been keeping Funky and Les approximately my age. This isn't the first knock-off of  DC comic characters or covers that have graced his strip. He must be quite a fan, specifically of the 1950s-early 60s comics. Always a treat to see these.

Baby Squirrel - My brother found a baby squirrel in the yard. He's a sucker for animals and over the years while growing up into adulthood, we've had baby squirrels, possums, birds. Our fish tank held not tropical fish, but a brim caught from a nearby pond. He got to be a pretty good size, and I had it somewhat trained. Least as much as you can train a fish. The baby squirrel was pretty much a newborn. Eyes still closed, no hair. So a heating pad, some towels and a shoebox for a home, he took to taking care of it (carefully locked in the study so the cats will not think she's a snack). Really didn't think it would survive a week. Four weeks later, it had just begun opening her eyes. Some friends taking care of it while we were out of town for the day shot a little video of them feeding the little darling. Haven't decided yet what to do with it once she is able to survive on her own. For one thing, I don't think she's going to realize that cats mean "danger".

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