Sunday, December 03, 2006

4 Year Old Morphs Into Hero to Save Family

In Durham, NC two men approached 4 year old Stevie Long and his dad outside the apartments Stevies mom helps manage. First they asked for pot, then a cigarette. When Stevie went to get one, the two men pulled guns. One man kept the dad outside, the other took Stevie into the apartment to join Stevies mom, a cousin, Stevies 1 year old sister Mary, and two other children. The assailant forced everyone to the floor and menaced the children with his gun.

Enter a 3-foot-tall red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, complete with plastic sword. Apparently, in the confusion, Stevie had snuck into his room and donned his padded costume to emerge, transformed, a hero. The robbers retreated with what they had already taken (cash, jewelry, credit-cards, etc) but left the family, which apparently was not their original plan. It seems that little Stevie prevented his mother from being abducted by the thieves, to be taken to an ATM to withdraw more money. After that, who knows what might have happened?

The full story is here. It goes on to say that Stevie has a problem separating fact from fantasy, etc. Even if it was just by confusing the attackers and prompting them to leave, Stevie, only 4 years old, did what he could to help his family and the younger children. Stevie is a hero.

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