Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yesterday's Post That I Didn't

Yesterday, I thought I would make a post inviting feedback. The topic would either be:
1. Most memorable comic book scenes or
2. Overall favorite comics (individual, mini-series, or ongoing titles).
I told my brother to get his input, after all this is supposed to be his blog as a companion to his golden age comics site.

But then I got distracted with installing Norton's Internet Security 2007 on my computer. For my computer it's a pain in the @$$. I had forgotten how I did it for 2006 and all in all ended up spending about 4 hours on it, with an hour of that just being on hold with tech support. For my brothers computer, that I'm working on now, no problems whatsoever. As a helpful note to others who may have the same difficulty, i.e. installer not downloading the product, download the trial-ware version (basically the full version but you're skipping the installer), then put your product key into that and its done.

Anyhoo, so then my brother comes home and tells me that someone had posted the exact same topic (most memorable comic scenes) on the John Byrne forum!

Most Memorable Comics Scenes

Just off the top of my head. There are a lot of truly great scenes out there, but if you have to ponder about it, then that defeats my intention.

1. Superman Annual For the Man Who Has Everything. Not the whole story but the part where Robin finally gets into position to save the day, then the fight plummets several floors down.

2. The Boy Who Collected Spider-Man. Probably the first truly touching comic book story I ever read, and thus why it's one of the first to spring to mind.

3. The last comic of Grant Morrisons run on Animal Man where Animal Man meets his Creator (in this case Morrison) and asks how come all this $h!t has been happening to him and The Creator tells him the touching story of trying to nurse a kitten back to health only to have it die. The Creator, after all, is only human and has become morose and brooding.

Favorite Comics

1. D'Arc Tangent. I'm a longtime fan of Phil Foglio's work from back when he did a monthly full page strip in Dragon Magazine. It's also a great companion to Byrne's Rog 2ooo.

2. Chris Clairmont's X-Men Graphic Novel God Loves, Man Kills.

The old Brave and the Bold's featuring Green Lantern and Green Arrow. After 20 years, I still enjoy going back and re-reading those. You can also get these now in a TPB (trade paper back).

Send me your lists and I'll post 'em, or just to comment on my favorites. All replies welcome!

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